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We will find you Customers ...

With the BehindSelling Business Development process You will have highly qualified opportunities your sales pipeline to close new business and revenue for your Company.

We will market and sell your products and services to all of your target customers using our Award wining sales skills

We also gather valuable intelligence about the market:

  • Who is your competition

  • Customer Pressure
  • Market initiatives
  • Customer Expectations
  • How To Close More Business

Let's Find Your Next Customer

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How Do We Help YOU?

What Clients Do You Need?

We carefully work with you to identify your perfect fit business client. Build a customer profile to realize a market product fit. Our domain knowledge team already knows your business.. so let's start selling!

Using Our Sales Network

using your client profile and your service or product sale, we identify the best way to reach them. whether it's using our 85000 strong network of contacts, Calling or other means we will find them.

Turning Meeting into Sales

Our only measurement is the Sale and we have a win ratio of 83%. we will make our methodology work for you, guaranteed. Or work with you to find out why and build a winning repeatable platform for your business

Thank you for your help selling my software... we are ready for next release

Richard Lutz, Ceo Security Kleen
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The Common Denominator

Customers is what every business has in common.

Customer Centric

"... You only get one chance
make it an educated one..."

We believe that “customer centricity” is the key to any business success. Customers are the litmus test of any business, their belief in your business hypothesis will clearly be reflected in your top line revenue growth. Research has revealed that a business that is clearly aligned to customer needs has an 83% success rate. We use proven scientific experimental theories to validate your business and to test how you will do in the market place before you make a costly market entry.

Let's Discuss Your Business Challenges

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What do you do when your business as expected?

It's not your fault... something in the business model is not working

Your Business Strategy

"... this is the easiest process
to get your idea to the market
and convert in to real revenue..."

Business Strategy is the corner stone of any business, new product or service offering. Your business strategy provides the initial topology map to navigate, any business initiative or idea, from the hypothesis to the selling your product and services in the fastest and shorted route. We can't stress this point enough. a miss step here in the strategy may cost you everything, from real dollars to your credibility in marketplace. We are always amazed how often this is the obstacle to your Success. We look at your Competition, Market, Industry, Problem, Customer, Revenue, Cost Structure and how to sell your product and services.
Use our Business Strategy Builder

Are You Having Challenges Making Revenue?

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How do you attract prospects?

Your Marketing

"... today, we measure marketing success
by how many qualified leads
and how healty sales pipeline is ..."

We define Marketing as the process between the business strategy and revenue. Marketing has a clear position in your business and needs to be able to translate the strategy, vision and direction to your target market. Your marketing process must have a definitive outcome that is clearly measured in real revenue growth. in the past marketing has been able to hide behind soft measurement, but in todays leaner digital market environment, there is no place to hide and results can be measured in real time.

Let's Discuss Your Lead Generation

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Selling Is Hard!

Your Sales

"... alignment of customer needs and
your business is 90% the
Sales Challenge ..."

Selling is continuously getting harder, with more competition, more pressure on margins and higher customer acquisition costs. In addition, recruiting , retaining , training and up keeping a sales force can be extremely challenging and maybe standing in the way of your path to revenue. Sales Industry research has identified 2 strategies to completely change your sales model and drive your future success: 1. How to align your product and services to the customer. 2. How to you use agents/partners to grow your sales with minimal cost.

Let's Build Your Sales Pipeline

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Who is interacting with your Customers? and how?

Customer Service

"... the most part of your business is any
the interaction with the customer
each time it is crucial to your business ..."

Customer Service is an integral part of your business and critical to your ongoing sales and marketing success. Your company’s most valuables asset is your customers, and without them, you would not be business. When your customers interact with your business, they not only can help you grow your business, but they can provide you invaluable feedback on their needs are and how to improve your support, service and products. The function of customer service is key throughout the life cycle of the your customer engagement

We Can Be Your Customer Service

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About Behind Selling

We know what you are going thru!

Behind Selling is a management consulting company providing strategic advisory services to businesses.

We are successful entrepreneurs just like you, and we help our partners build succefull sustainable businesses by helping to allign the the business model with their market.

We are ready and connect our clients to revenue generation using Marketing and Sales, and Customer Services. Working with Behind Selling means working with a seasoned business consultants and business partners who have started, operated and invested in global companies for the last 30 yr..

Sharing our experience, as well as our partner network will help you overcome common challenges that everyone has experienced growing your business.

Behind Selling, your partner to grow your business, will help you define, execute growth strategies, bring products and services to market, and help you interact with your clients. From strategy review and development to hands-on implementation,

Behind Selling, we can help you.