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Examples of Social Media of Managing Business Crisis

Examples of social media can lead to the resolution of any kind of business crisis. Very often we hear about the serious devastation that is caused by the assault of social media especially in the world of commerce. I’ve heard so many disgusting experiences concerning faulty social media techniques. I, myself, can attest to how disappointing it is for a businessman like you to go on the crisscross challenges in business, most especially under the umbrella of the fierce economy that we are living today.

To tell you frankly, I believe that we can do nothing on the kind of economy we have, nor the tight competition we experience. But, of course, a wise business owner knows how to go through it with all modesty and grace.

Allow me take a little of your time in dealing with the resolution to this economic crisis that everybody continuously experience (including I).

To start with, let’s get Examples of Social Media  right.

Examples of social mediaI’ve been considering social media as a best friend for quite some time now. I started as a fan of these social media policy examples specifically Facebook and LinkedIn. I don’t feel having a complete day without going through these sites. I just can’t explain it; but, I really love these stuffs. In fact, I consider these social media examples as the best breakthrough that technology and modernization allows me to be familiar with.

Until such time that these examples of social media were made as a venue to advertise business and to promote good reputation among companies. As I get to know the Facebook page, I noticed that companies are becoming more and more active in presenting their products and services in those popular social media examples.

Honestly, these advertises didn’t interest me. I care more on reading my notifications and messages from local and foreign Facebook friends. Until such time that I became more knowledgeable in integrating these examples of social media in my little boutique in the locality.

How to Take the Lead in Business with These Examples of Social Media?

Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and so many others had taken their part in encouraging wonderful online habits among customers. These habits serve as the key to make an online business thrive. As learned in my few months of operating my little business in town, these previously mentioned social media policy examples are the building blocks to create a good name for business in both online and physical stores.

Come to think of how these examples of social media help you in resolving various issues that go against your trade. You don’t want to let the competitors swallow you wholly, do you? Well, you better take a look at this.

As I said earlier, business crisis are becoming tougher and tougher in the passing of the years. It even startled those big companies like Kraft Foods, Burger King, Domino’s, Citi, and many others.

  • Kraft Foods, examples of social media, had received a number of unexpected backlash coming from the customers who verbalized their dismay in writing concerning the “rainbow cookies” that the company once made out in the market.

Through Facebook (as one best examples of social media), the loyal fans defended the cookie maker which is also a sign that the company is successful enough to market their products via these social media sites. I must say that the customer service that this establishment has been offering to the clients is unbelievable. No customer would strike the bullet for you when you don’t deserve such loyalty. (Oh, how I wish that my clients would be willing to do it for me too.)

  • Burger King had also faced the same challenge as Kraft Foods. This conflict was initiated by an employee who took a picture while standing in the lettuce that Burger King typically used in their burgers.

I’m sure that you can figure out how disgusting it is for burger lovers to see this image. This is more than a “yucky” issue folks and Burger King knows it.

The company knows that it does not make sense to retrieve the uploaded image. Therefore, they just took a very swift action to it. Using these examples of social media, they were able to trace the person in question by the shoes shown in the photo. Afterwards, they fire the liable individual and share the things they did in resolving the issue through Facebook where the issue started.

Generally, to be able to handle any crisis in business, knowing how to respond to it with consistency and modesty is the key to fire out the blazing controversy.

In case that you cannot handle conflicts like these examples of social media from your end, you can always call a social media expert to do it for you. Never wait for your business to be put in dim when you can seek for an alternative to defend your reputation online.

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